Can Quartz Crystal Silica Products Improve Natural Health Energy


Quartz is also known as rock crystal. This crystal is a dioxide of silica and has a hardness of 7. Since it is the most abundant mineral found on the earth, it is found in all shapes and sizes across the world. The most significant deposits of quartz are found in Brazil and USA.

Many types of rocks contain quartz as a component. When quartz occurs in different colors, it is known by different names like purple quartz is known as amethyst. The cryptocrystalline quartz variety is called Chalcedony and comprises of stones like jasper and agate.

There are many myths and legends associated with quartz crystals world over. According to the Japanese people, quartz is synonymous with perfection since it is the breath of the revered white dragon. In ancient Australia, quartz found use in the rain rituals of the Australian Aborigines. People from the legendary island of Atlantis were said to be proficient in making crystal skulls, which were regarded as living beings. Since the middle ages, clear quartz balls were used to predict the future by clairvoyants across the world.

Amongst the crystals of the world, quartz is one of the most famous stones. Most people think of quartz when they think of crystals, despite the fact that there are many different kinds of crystals in the world.

The quartz crystal helps in transmitting, focusing, balancing, amplifying, storing and absorbing energy. It is an excellent channel for the energy of the universe. It can be used to even amplify the energy of our very thoughts. Due to its energy directing and amplifying qualities, quartz works well for processes like channeling, protection, meditation, healing and manifesting dreams and desires. Quartz crystals are also excellent for information retrieval and storage, which is why they are great for programming. It can also be used to energize other stones and even harmonizing the surroundings.

This stone helps in dispelling all kinds of negative energy including black magic. It helps in enhancing psychic vision and spiritual guidance. It helps in increasing creativity and inspiration. Students can benefit from quartz since it helps them in concentration and retention of whatever they have studied.

Psychics use quartz for a variety of purposes like dream work, dream recall, channeling, scrying, manifestation and astral travel. It works well in conjunction with the third eye chakra to enhance psychic vision. It is also used in all kinds of healing processes, which is why it is called the master healer stone. It helps in strengthening the body and even heals pain. It is said to work well in problems related to the intestines, depression, bone problems, chronic fatigue and arthritis.


Source by Troy A Shanks